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English is alive and well.

New words (neologisms) are born into our language daily. In fact, the authoritative Oxford English Dictionary added over 5,000 new words to its most recent edition, and that growth is rapidly accelerating. Today, we use hundreds of terms that didn’t even exist a decade or two ago. In addition, people and organizations coin new words -- technical or clever, useful or funny -- every day, most of which will never gain “dictionary status” but often gain usage nonetheless.

The English Neologia Society (ENS) is a nonprofit organization that monitors and standardizes the often-chaotic and confusing domain of coined English words. We provide a permanent record of neologisms through our International Registry of English Neologisms, available online to ENS members. We also provide cost-free searches to determine whether a word is, or is not, a true neologism. 

And now, for the first time, we’re conferring certification of new words by granting a WordRight™ to the owner. Since there is no way to determine who originated most neologisms, the ‘owner’ shall be the individual or organization that first submits the new word or term. All proceeds go to a charity selected by the applicant. Just click here for more information, or click here for more about giving the gift of a WordRight.

We invite you to join us. The English Neologia Society is a legal international organization open to all, with its “virtual headquarters” appropriately located right here on the world wide web. While we charge a nominal fee for initial membership (free with every Premium WordRight), there are no ongoing dues or responsibilities. Our meetings are online, never intrusive (members participate or not, at their option), and always fun and informative.

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